DeFiPP – Development Finance & Public Policies

The DeFIPP institute groups various centres: CRED (Centre of Research in the Economics of Development), CEREFIM (Centre for Research in Finance and Management) and CERPE (Centre for Research in Regional Economy and Political Economy).  Its principal aim is to promote excellence in research in economy and finance.  The three thematic areas are linked thanks to the use of theoretical and empirical economy methodology, enabling cross-fertilization via the sharing of new methodological approaches.

Research Center in Management at DeFiPP

CeReFIM – Center for Research in Finance and Management

NaDI – Namur Digital Institute

In NADI, researchers bring innovative solutions to the new societal challenges resulting from the digital revolution (eGov, eHealth, eServices, Big Data…).  Researchers in different fields combine their skills in computer science, technology, ethics, law, management and society.  They address issues such as software and systems, innovation and services, collaborative economy, artificial intelligence, security and privacy or technology and society.

Research Centers in Management at NaDI

CeRCLe – Centre for Research on Consumption & Leisure

PReCISE – Research Center on Information Systems Engineering

CIRCE – Creativity and Innnovation Research Center