CRECIS – Center for Research in Entrepreneurial Change and Innovative Strategies. 

Organisations are constantly challenging their strategic capabilities and their management skills. Small or large, high or low tech, they all incorporate innovation and change in their core business practices.
The mission of CRECIS is to explore innovative strategies and to draw up strategic implications for the future of European corporations. We offer a unique multidisciplinary scientific expertise and help decision makers to develop strategic capabilities based upon innovativeness and change in a turbulent environment.

CERMA –  Center on Consumer Relations and Responsible Marketing 

The Center on Consumer Relations and Responsible Marketing provides a platform for furthering research and teaching in master and doctoral programs in the area of consumer behavior and responsible marketing strategy. Both perspectives are investigated into the light of ethics and responsibilities of any partner in a vast range of marketing transactions or activities.

CEMIS – Center in Management Information Systems

Based on a historical experience in Information Systems education and research in our different universities, our research center is devoted to the continuous development of high-level competencies and expertise in the engineering and management of organisational information systems.


CORE – Center for Operations Research and Econometrics

Center for Operations Research and Econometrics where researchers develop and use a coherent set of tools and methods for quantitative modelling and analysis in their various fields of expertise.

IRES – Institute of Economic and Social Research

IRES Research activities rely on varied tools such as pure theoretical models, general equilibrium, computational economics and calibration methods, econometrics, case studies, historical analyses, etc. They are mainly organized around four domains: research in macroeconomics, Labor economics, social policies and evaluation, Research in international economics, Research on interdisciplinary topics.

ISBA – Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences

ISBA Research areas are mathematical statistics, biostatistics, Probabilistic and statistical analysis of insurance and financial risks.

LFIN – Louvain Finance

Louvain Finance (LFIN) promotes and contributes to academic research in Finance via its research projects and the organization of top-level PhD courses, conferences and other public research activities. The Center’s main area of expertise are related to most of the areas of finance, including Asset Pricing, International Finance, Asset and Risk Management, Mathematical Finance, Macro-Finance, Market Microstructure, Corporate Finance and Behavioral Finance.

SMCS – Statistical Methodology and Computing Service

Designing data analysis, planning the experience, collecting the data, cleaning them before analysis, then performing the analyzes, reporting the results or even at the time the article is reviewed.


CIRTES – Interdisciplinary Research Center on Work, State and Society

Le CIRTES est un centre de recherche interdisciplinaire qui a pour objectif l’analyse des rapports sociaux inégalitaires dans le monde du travail, de leurs effets sur la société et des politiques publiques ou pratiques sociales susceptibles d’y faire face.
Les processus étudiés se situent donc au croisement des personnes, des organisations et de l’action publique.

CriDIS – Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires, Démocratie, Institutions, Subjectivité

To act as subjects within institutions in constant change in a globalized world, where the democratic advancement is one of the most important stakes (at a local, national or international level). Our Center is built on the conviction that academic research today must take this issue head-on.

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