Almost 100 participants,
about 20 professors and
20 visitors from the US
attended the annual PhD Day of the Doctoral School of Management.

This year’s event was organised by LouRIM.

The day started with a welcome speech by of  Prof. Manuel KOLP (LouRIM), DSM President. 33 doctoral students presented their poster and 9 among them presented their research in front of the interested audience.

Between poster presentations, a discussion panel  “Which career after my PhD?” allowed 6 ex-PhD students to share their personal path after the PhD.

The members of the discussion panel were:

  • Nathalie GUILMOT, PhD in Economics and Management Sciences, UCLouvain. Lecturer at Louvain School of Management and UNamur. Method Manager at Creative Wallonia Engine.
  • Emilie MALCOURANT, PhD in Economics and Management Sciences, UCLouvain. University Pedagogical Advisor at Louvain Learning Lab, UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve. Invited Lecturer at LSM.
  • François MAON, PhD in Economics and Management Sciences,UCLouvain. Professor at IESEG School of Management, Lille.
  • David MASSART, PhD in Information Sciences, Université libre de Bruxelles. Co-founder of D.E.Solution – Information Technology and Services, Brussels/San Francisco.
  • Nathalie TABORDON, PhD in Management Sciences, UCLouvain. Routing Strategy Manager at Proximus, Brussels.
  • Yves WAUTELET, PhD in Management Sciences, UCLouvain. Professor at KULeuven, Faculty of Economics and Business, Brussels, Scientific Collaborator at UCLouvain/Lourim.

The debate was moderated by Prof. Valérie SWAEN, LouRIM President.

And cherry on the cake, the event closed with the announcement of the best poster award won by Marine DE RIDDER, LouRIM for her presentation “The issues of the dialogue in the so-called liberated firms.”
Congratulations to her!